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Our vision is to enable individuals to remain safe and independent within the community through the provision of quality professional Telecare services

Our mission is to keep vulnerable medical alarm clients safe. To work collaboratively with all stakeholders, to develop, implement and maintain appropriate quality standards and monitoring systems that ensure industry members operate to best practice when providing services to the community



TSANZ Values

The values of TSANZ are:

Integrity: Members will act with integrity. They shall not gain unfair advantage from the lack of knowledge, inexperience or inability of a client. Members will always conduct their business in a manner that reflects favourably on the industry and encourages other companies to do the same.

Confidentiality: Members shall be committed to the confidences and privacy of past, current and prospective clients and employees in all their dealings.

Ethics: Members must always conduct their business to the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, integrity and decency. Staff training programs must include ethical considerations.

Duty of care: The welfare, health and safety of the client shall at all times take precedence over professional or private interests. Members shall only operate in their areas of competence , inform clients in any instances where they do not hold appropriate qualifications or experience to carry out work and to only give advice and opinions on the basis of accurate knowledge.

Environmental care: Members shall act responsibly towards the environment at all times ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and encouraging environmentally responsible work practices.

Accountability: Members shall be accountable for all actions and activities of staff directly employed by a company as well as its agents, contractors and sub-contractors unless otherwise specified.

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